The Best In Online Ordering Systems

What You Will Need

  • Intial Setup (Credit Cards Accepted)

    Starting At: $399.00

    The Initial Startup Cost will cover the cost of setting up the clients menu, along with building the client custom iOS & Android Applications.

  • Prep Printer

    ACH Deduction: $400.00

    If the customer wants the online orders to come in through a prep printer, a smart prep printer is needed. The smart printer needs to be pre programed therefore it will be provided by InstantOrder at cost. If the customer wants a ticket printed at multiple stations, additional pre programed prep printers will need to be purchased.

  • Ordering System Hosting and Maintenance

    ACH Deduction: $100.00/Month

    This will cover the cost of hosting the online ordering service, as well as providing any technical maintenance that is needed to keep InstantOrderĀ® operational.

  • Website Setup (If Needed)

    ACH Deduction: $400.00

    A website is necessary to link to InstantOrder. If the customer does not have a website, Tech Solutions will build an informational website.

    To maintain an online presence, there is a $10.00 per month website hosting fee that will also automatically be paid via ACH.

  • Account Management (Highly Recommended)

    ACH Deduction: $40.00/Month

    InstantOrder can manage their account if they so wish. This includes updating prices, specials and pictures.

Starting At

  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Full Online Menu
  • Complete Admin Backend
  • Add/Remove Products
  • Change Prices, Hours, etc.
  • iOS/Android App
  • Dedicated Support
  • Pictures
  • Financial Analytics
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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you cannot find an answer to your question on the following list.

Is It A Hassle To Install InstantOrder?

We know that you, like all other business owners are worried that having Online Ordering will make your business operation more complicated and stressful. In reality, that cannot be any further from the truth! We guarantee that this will actually make your business LESS stressful and more efficient!

What Kind Of Contract Am I In?

We do not lock you into a yearly long term contract. Instead, we just go month by month because we know you will Love InstantOrder and therefore not want to quit your service regardless!

How Does The Setup Work?

We will install and configure your system ourselves so you don't have to do any extra work. During setup, we add your store menu into your new Online System, we organize your menu into categories so it is exactly how you want it. Next we add your own restaurant logo along with real pictures of your food (if you want them). Lastly, we customize the colors of your new system so it matches the colors of your restaurant.

Is There Support I Can Call?

We offer 24/7 support and you will speak to one of our skilled technicians, not get directed to some call centre in India.

Is The Menu Customized To My Business?

Once InstantOrder is installed, it will look like your own custom Online Ordering System instead of some third party system. That way, your customers will feel like they are doing business with you instead of some other company.

How Does InstantOrder Save Labor?

Every time a customer places an order over the phone, one of your employees has to answer and place the order. Even though this may only take a few minutes, this times adds up very quickly! With InstantOrder, you do not have to hire an extra employee just to answer calls. We even have clients that exclusively use Online Ordering and do not even take phone orders at all!

Do I have To Download An InstantOrder App To Access My Menu?

Nope! We make an App specific to your business. This means if a customer wants your App, they just search for your business in their phones App Store instead of having to download some third party App.

Does InstantOrder Build Smartphone Apps For iPhone, Or For Android?

Both! We realize that some customers have iPhones while other customers have android based devices. So we just create your Ordering System App for both platforms!

I'm Still Pretty Sure Installing InstantOrder Will Be A Hassle.

Even though most business owners are worried about the extra hassle that online ordering will create, the truth is, that it actually makes life easier! Our proof is that we have never had any of our customers cancel on us!